Živogošće, Croatia

Saying our final farewells to Bosnia and Herzegovina we journeyed south to the sparkling waters of the Croatian Coast. The short drive between the former Yugoslav states was a truly spectacular affair.

Živogošće 8

Živogošće 6

After passing through dense mountain highlands dotted by blue lakes, we emerged high on a coastal cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. With towering mountains bordering to the right and clear blue waters to our left, we just had to stop. We were initially planning on continuing our drive all the way to the scenic town of Makarska, but hey plans are made to be broken. The vast array of beachside turnouts and villages we passed just kept calling our name. We eventually gave in at a stunning campsite in Živogošće.

Živogošće 4

Hastily securing a campsite, we ran down to the unspoilt beach and lazed in the warm sun before braving the refreshing seawater for a brief swim. Later that afternoon we returned to the beach to watch a noteworthy sunset. That night we withdrew for a well earned sleep before awaking the next day to do it all again.


Živogošće 3

While it might not have the reputation of Dubrovnik or Split, Živogošće is a quiet and relaxing beachside area well worth visiting if you are seeking peace, tranquillity and solitude on The Dalmatian Coast.

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