Wrocław, Poland

Christmas is a special time of year in most European countries and Poland is no exception. Last festive season we got the chance to visit the charming city of Wrocław during the opening weekend of their annual Christmas Market.

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Oh it was a joyous occasion. While we only spent one day in the colourful city we certainly enjoyed ourselves. During the day we ambled the narrow back streets and explored the many sights and attractions that are situated outside the Old Town. When night arrived we retreated back to the town centre to revel in the ‘Christmassy’ goodness.

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Located in main market square, the Wrocław Christmas Market was a sight to be seen. Traditional food vendors offered exquisite seasonal delicacies. Christmas decorations strangled the town like a plague of foreign weeds. And Christmas cheer infected all who were present. It was a jolly ‘ole time for both young and old.

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The city of Wrocław is located in Southeast Poland. Wrocław Jarmark Bozonarodzeniowy (The Wrocław Christmas Market) usually opens in late November and closes a few days before Christmas.

If you’re thinking of visiting Wrocław, do not hesitate as it is an extraordinarily beautiful city at any time of year.

Information for this year’s Christmas Market can be found on their website.

Also, if you are looking for a bit of fun there are more than 300 miniature gnomes scattered around the city, each with their own unique personality. So keep your eyes peeled, it makes for a great hunt.

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