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It’s not always easy to travel by road when you are an intercontinental traveller. When we decided to embark on a European Road Trip in August 2014 we were confronted with two options.

1. Spend some of our valuable travel time exercising our limited motoring knowledge to search for a reliable campervan to purchase.


2. Find an economical and reputable company to hire from.

After carefully weighing up the two options, we decided to skip the rigmarole and risks of buying a used campervan and take the simple and reliable option of hiring. To be honest this decision was a little worrying. We knew that hiring a campervan in Europe could be costly and had heard that most companies imposed mandatory insurance policies which limited daily driving distances and covered EU States only.

With these restrictive details in mind, our online search began. We trawled through what seemed like an endless array of European campervan hire companies comparing prices, insurance policies, excess rates, economy and restricted countries. Eventually we were left with only one campervan company, Tour Europe.

Tour Europe Willy, CroatiaWith economical rental prices, unlimited kilometres, reliable insurance policies that cover every country in Europe, and a star studded fleet of Volkswagen Westfalia Campervans, Tour Europe was by far the best option. Their location close to Cologne, Germany would also provide us with the perfect location to kick start our European Road Trip. After corresponding with Rolf from Tour Europe via email, we paid a deposit for our campervan rental and awaited for our road trip to begin.

When it was finally time to embark on our road trip, Sebastian from Tour Europe conveniently greeted us at the train station and drove us to their nearby service centre where we were introduced to a bright yellow campervan affectionately known as ‘Willy’.

For the next six weeks we called ‘Willy’ home as we explored the less visited backroads of Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Whether we were cruising past the crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea or climbing the mighty Austrian Alps ‘Willy’ was a titan of the road. His bright yellow paintjob, neatly decorated racing stripe, luxurious interior, efficient kitchenette and stylish awning (one of our favourite features) made us the envy of the road.

By the end of our six week road trip we had become extremely familiar with ‘Willy’ and his many admirers who continually smiled, honked and waved when passing us on the road. Our time with ‘Willy’ and experience with Tour Europe was nothing short of spectacular. The only downside came when we had to return our new and dear friend ‘Willy’ to his rightful owners at Tour Europe. Thankfully we have booked ‘Willy’ for a further 5 week trip through South-East Europe in summer 2015.

So if you are searching for an economical, reliable and aesthetically pleasing campervan to hire for your European road trip do not hesitate to contact Tour Europe. They are sure to have the right campervan for you 🙂

Visit Tour Europe’s Website

Tour Europe Willy, Slovenia

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