Sighişoara, Romania

Neatly settled in the rolling foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in central Transylvania, lies one of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns, Sighişoara.

We reached Sighişoara late in the evening after three hurried days of driving from Germany to Romania and the town immediately impressed. We quickly settled at a campsite located near the old town and anxiously awaited for the next day to arrive so we could begin exploring.

Arising at our campsite we quickly packed our things and set out into the old town. The first thing we noticed was the town’s quietness. The colourful backstreets were empty with no souvenir outlets in sight, only local pensions and a few eateries. Things did change a little when we reached the town centre which was dotted with a few touristic operators and some other sightseers who gathered outside a building near the town hall to visit the room where Dracula was born (a temptation we resisted).

Sighisoara 3

Sighisoara 6

Sighisoara 4

Sighisoara 7

We spent that afternoon at a local café chatting with a cheerful bearded Welshman who was spending his holiday backpacking and people watching around Eastern Europe (sounds like a good life doesn’t it?). Oh how we would have envied his voyeuristic pursuits, if we were not dabbling in them ourselves.

Anyway back on topic, Sighişoara was a terrific first stop on our South Eastern European road trip. Hopefully we will be able to experience scenes of similar tranquillity on the rest of our journeys. Oh, and hopefully there will be many more bearded Welshman to encounter.


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