Krka National Park, Croatia

Caught beneath a blanket of wet weather, we shelved our plans to visit Una National Park and Plitvičke Jezera and headed directly to Krka National Park where the weather forecast appeared more favourable. Driving through the outer boundaries of the park it was hard to believe an unspoilt paradise of cascading waterfalls and lush vegetation lay just beyond the park gates.

After paying our admission fees at the National Park Office, we made the short walk down to the parks most popular boardwalk and hiking trail where we consumed the final hours of a long summers day before retreating back to our campervan “Willy”.

Krka National Park 2

Krka National Park 5

Krka National Park 4

Krka National Park

While Krka National Park is undoubtedly a picturesque location, its small size and uninspiring surrounds left us a little underwhelmed. The area is certainly unique due its extreme landscape alterations and pocket-sized beauty, but seems to lack the isolation and splendour of larger wilderness areas.

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