Karpen, Albania

After spending the best part of 3 weeks driving through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, we lined up in a 2-hour traffic jam to cross the Albanian Border in search of some much needed sun, sand and sea time.

Not knowing exactly what to expect from the small Balkan nation, we casually drove down the main national highway bypassing the capital Tirana in favour of a small coastal campground in the small village of Karpen.

Karpen, Albania 10

Karpen, Albania 7

We arrived at Kamping Pa Emer after a number of interesting detours and wrong turns. At the gate to the campsite we were greeted by a charismatic elderly gentleman who directed us to, what he labelled, a ‘primo platz’.

Karpen, Albania 6

Once settled at our beachside campsite we sat back and relaxed before watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea from Kamping Pa Emer’s private island. As night fell we dined, chatted and reminisced about living in Kraków with a group of hospitable Polish campers who were enjoying the wonders of Albania just as much as we were.

As the clock approached midnight we scampered back to ‘Willy’ for some well-earned rest.

Karpen, Albania

Karpen, Albania 9

Karpen, Albania 5

Karpen, Albania 4

Karpen, Albania 3

Thanks for the primo platz Albanian grandpa!

Karpen, Albania 8

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