Bovec, Slovenia

Fresh from our escapades in Bled we orientated our asphalt sails westward, picked up a nautical-like tailwind and headed towards the small mountain town of Bovec. Following the directions we received from our friendly campsite manager and those displayed on our not-so-trusty GPS, we navigated the serpentine roads of the Vršič Pass through the wondrous eastern section of Triglav National Park.

Bovec 12Bovec 10Bovec 11The landscapes that surrounded us on the scenic mountain pass were truly spectacular. Thick dense forest lined the roadway, while the rocky crags, snow capped peaks and ice glaciers of the Julian Alps produced a whimsical backdrop. Stopping at almost every scenic viewpoint or trailhead in order gaze upon our perfect surrounds, our ascent to the summit was slow. But hey, when you are surrounded by some of the most striking mountain peaks in Europe, why rush?

Reaching the 1,611-metre road summit, we stopped again for a brief stickybeak before returning to our campervan “Willy” for the remainder of our drive to Bovec. Driving away from our lofty locale atop The Vršič Pass we leisurely descended from the mountains into the Trenta Valley where we trailed the clear waters of the Soča River to our campsite. This segment of road was of remarkable beauty and is arguably the most scenic passageway we have driven on our European adventures thus far.

After a good nights sleep in our Bovec campsite, we arose the next day with the intention of departing to our next destination of Hallstatt, Austria. But the sun was out, the mountains were high, the rivers were blue, the grass was a-green and the birds were-a-humming, so we decided to stay and explore just a little. After several hours of exploring the hiking trails and suspension bridges of the Soča River we were forced to depart, as our six-week road trip is nearing an end and we still have plenty of destinations to see.

Bovec 8Bovec 7Bovec 9But the day’s exploration and tomfoolery was not yet over. Our route north passed back through Triglav National Park where endless mountain vistas, roadside hiking trails and a crumbling wartime fortress occupied us for the rest of the day.

Bovec 2BovecBovec 3Bovec 6Bovec is situated in the northwest corner of Slovenia, not far from the Italian border and Triglav National Park. While it may not carry the reputation of Bled, the striking jagged peaks of The Julian Alps surrounding Bovec make it a must visit destination for any hikers, nature lovers, kayakers and adventurers travelling in or around Slovenia.

Bovec 4

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