Albanian Riviera

Last July we had the opportunity to spend some time on the spectacular Albanian Riviera. Stretching from Vlorë to Sarandë, this often-overlooked section of coastline is perfectly situated between the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea and lofty peaks of the Ceraunian Mountains. Home to secluded beaches, vibrant yet shabby seaside communities, coastal forests, crumbling military battlements and boisterous locals, the Albanian Riviera is undoubtedly the best section of European coastline we have encountered on our campervan journeys.

Albanian Riviera 13

Albanian Riviera

Albanian Riviera 2

Albanian Riviera 1

With such stunning natural surrounds, it came as no surprise to see a number of large-scale developments being built on this pristine coastline. While we found these developments rather brash, it’s easy to see why the Albanian Riviera is a burgeoning tourist destination.

So if you’ve had enough of the refined, crowded and overdeveloped beaches of Italy, Croatia and Montenegro, take the trip a little further east, a little further south and enjoy the Albanian Riviera before it becomes Europe’s next big coastal destination.

And take it from us, its bound to happen.

Albanian Riviera 3

Albanian Riviera 4

Albanian Riviera 10

Albanian Riviera 5

Albanian Riviera 11

Albanian Riviera 6

Albanian Riviera 7

Albanian Riviera 8

Insider Tip:

Take the short hike down from Ilias to Gjipe Beach to swim in the crystal clear Ionian Sea and explore Kanioni Gjipese (Gjipese Canyon).

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